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A 5 Forearm Question

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I've got an A 5 Light 12 that developed a crack in the forearm. It also appears the wood boss where the barrel returns after recoil is also damaged. I can replace the forearm, but wonder if anyone has seen this before and how common it might be. I have been shooting trap loads with the spring/friction ring/piece set for "light". Expect I have put about 6k rounds through the gun since it was new.

Anyone seen this before and how common is this on an A 5.

Any comments will be appreciated.


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Although you faired mighty well getting 6000 rds from your forearm ,but this is just the nature of the beast!

To avoid this happening with your replacement forearm, you could set your friction rings for heavy and manually cycle for trap(a pain I know).
Pick up a syn.forearm and use that on the range and save the new wood for it`s SUNDAY BEST for show(ugly but practical).
Buy a new forearm and shoot as normal and await your cracked forearm again.
The choice is your`s, if you see a 70 year old AUTO 5 with original wood and no cracks and wonder how he did that? The answer is not shooting it in a league!

NOTE/HINT: when ordering new wood from BROWNING I suggest you send in your stock and have it matched as close as possible, because wood will vary that much!

In defense of Mr. J.M. Browning keep in mind that it was the first sucessful auto-loader introduced and is time proven and very much copied/cloned. Even with the short comings of the forearm.

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Well, thanks for the advice and I will look around for a composite forearm. :? Have you got any suggestions?

BTW, Great forum here and thanks for the help!


Hey Bob,
Thanks for the kind comments. Try the link below for the synthetic A-5 stock.

Jay Gentry
You might also try repairing the forearm with Acuglass from Brownells. Their Gunsmith Kinks books have articles about making such repairs, and making replacements for any lost pins at the ends as well.

I just fixed the forearm on my Remington 11. Will see how that works.

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