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a few choke tube questions , american arms o/u

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last sunday i bought an American arms NWTF silver 12 gauge over under . my question is about chokes mostly , it is a turkey gun and has a full and x-full . i am planing on trying turkey hunting this spring . but would also like to be able to use it for rabbit , squirrels and such . would a mod and an improved mod be a good choice ? my mavrick88 is great for squirrel with a mod choke (2 3/4 rem game loads). could i expect the same if i spend the time testing some loads ? i reload at my friends now but am planing on a mec jr or a lee load all and haveing my friend set it up .

what are you guys opinions on carlsons choke tubes ? that seems to be the only place i can find them .sorry for the long post .
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In your situation id get the carlson improved cylinder and modified chokes, and that will give you lots of options to pattern.. When you see your patterns you can add a choke tube if you need it from there... To need more than ic, mod and full chokes is probably vanity, except in certain circumstances like turkey, and you have that covered, .. Depends on what your circumstances are and what you need for them... dave
thank you for your input that should work out good .will order them soon .
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