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a great sunday hunt oct 5th

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ok dudes i finally got that infamous first bird wheeee haaaaaaaaaaa was a wet morning but the best hunting day yet for me and i got all the birds to boot had porkchops and fried dove for dinner yummmy i have to say a big THANK YOU to our host jlp for a great hunt and well shotgun you should not have been so fast to move away ok guys icecream has posted his pics lets see the rest
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I will try and get my pics up tonight, if things settle down a little...
Yep, thanks again.
To me there is something special in sharing the fields and time of sport.Its the social aspect of bird hunting that makes it differ from Deer hunting. Not that the Deer Camp and the nightly campfire doesnt have the best atmosphere of the hunting seasons but that in dove hunting you can meet people from all over and share a quick fun day of shooting,talking about hunts,new place to hunt, try differnt shotguns, talk about them pros and new friends etc!
Its also a great place to start new hunters, young and old alike!
Well Im sure someone knows what Im talking about!
Thanks again!!!
It was great meeting everyone and putting a face to a screenname and a name to the screenname. Okay I'm confused now. JLP thanks for the great day, next time don't warn us about wearing rubber boots and maybe it won't rain. :( Thanks for inviting us, I think everyone had a great time. Should I brag about that last shot I got, or should I just keep my mouth shut since one good shot out of a hundred ain't worth braggin' about. LOL
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