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A hello from a new member and a quick question

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From the rolling hills of Pa. a hello to everyone from a new member and a wish for a safe and productive hunting season this fall.
I recently purchased a Beretta Mod. S56E in exceptional shape in 12 bore with fixed Mod and Full barrels. My intended purpose is to use the gun for shooting sporting clays, grouse and pheasant hunting. Now it seems that I have to make a choice to either have the one barrel bored out to IC or send it to Briley and have the extended choke tubes installed.
I like the versatility of having the ability to change chokes quickly but am not crazy about the cost.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I have heard that these guns have been reported to kick like a mule and am also interested in suggestions for a recoil pad.


Pa. Gunner
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Because you want to use this Beretta OU for multiple shooting scenarios the chokes might be a good call.
Briley does a great job.

Boring out to IC & M (one barrel) in your case, is also a nice place to be.
So that would be the inexpensive solution.

I have given up on changing choke tubes anyway. A few years ago I over-thought it, changing chokes often. Now I just stick with IC & M most of the time. For upland most of my fixed choke guns are IC & M as well.

I even have several guns with Mod & Full and shoot those just fine for everything as well.
Hunting in the tight woods for Grouse would be one place where Mod & Full might be an issue.

For recoil pads I like Limbsaver. Not the prettiest but does the best job for eating up recoil and making for a soft shot. Personally I would look at the factory Beretta pads first and see if they don't fit perfectly on your gun. That would be choice.
Not the softest, but it would give you a 'stock' look without much fuss.

Hope this helps.
Good luck!

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Pa. Gunner

Shooting sporting clays would normally require a more open bore than you currently have. Choke tubes are a wonderful thing, sending it to Briley would make it more of a do all gun. You could try shooting sporting clays with different ammo shot sizes, # 71/2, 8, 9 shot will change pattern denisity at a given yardage. The larger the shot size the denser the pattern is the theory applied. Being choked that tight will smoke targets however you will have to be spot on with the closer stations.

I normally shoot an entire course with SKEET chokes changing shot size depending on the distance to the break point. For very close shots CYL is the choke of choice ( sometimes threads & spreaders ) for a pattern that will open quickly. The tightest I ever choke is Light Mod. for the distance shot with #71/2. If you don't reload as of yet there are some very nice soft shooting 1 oz. loads on the market that will reduce recoil and crush clays nicely.

You could allways keep this gun for field use as it's choked perfect, invest in a target gun with choke tubes and go from there. I have a very understand wife whom I have convinced, I have more shotguns than I need, but never as many as I want.

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Mike Orlen can install choke tubes a whole lot cheaper than Briley. He has done several barrel-modification jobs for me, and his work is first-rate. He is my gunsmith of choice for all barrel work. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=36237
I'll have to agree with the Mike Orlen choice . He does excellent work and fast turnaround .
Mike Orlen did some barrel work for me as well and it was super fast, well done and very reasonable.

Go with the chokes, and you will never regret it. You will be set for life. Briley did all the work on my Beretta, and I use nothing but their extended chokes. It really beats having to use (or lose) a wrench. ALL of the work they have done for me has been flawless. The majority of my club uses Briley foe their work and I have not heard any complaints.

Good Luck
My suggestion is to shoot this gun for around 2,000 targets and then decide what to do. It is a light gun and will kick pretty hard. You may decide this is not the gun for sporting clays. I've seen a lot of S-55, 56 and 58 owners that complinaed about them. I can vouch for the S58 as a hard kicker.
Buy yourself some 7/8oz 12ga 1250 fps shells for clays. That really helps with recoil more than anything.

First chance I had to get back and check for replies. Thanks all, that info gives me a lot to consider and it is appreciated.

Pa. Gunner :D
Hola amigos de shotgun, tengo una Beretta S56 E con los muelles de los martillos rotos y no encuentro por ningún lado el despiece de esta escopeta para coger la referencia y poder conseguirlos. Ruego si alguno de vosotros tiene la vista explosiva y no tiene inconveniente me la pueda pasar. Muchas gracias.
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