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A heavy rain was causing fog and poor visibility as the weary man walked backwards down the shoulder of the road, hoping to hitch a ride and get out of this mess. The sun was just past the horizon and darkness was about to descend. No cars having passed in five minutes, the man was about to turn around and start walking when he made out a faint image approaching him in the travel lane of the road. At last a car!

As the car slowed, he jerked the door open and hopped in as the car still rolled slowly. Thankful to be out of the rain, he said "Thanks for the ride, man what crappy weather". Hearing no response, he glanced over at the driver and was astonished to see no one there. He glanced back toward the road and realized a sharp curve was approaching. Should he jump? Try to slide behind the wheel?

Suddenly an eerie hand appeared, grabbed the wheel and turned it to follow the road. A higher power had intervened. Up ahead he saw the lights of a roadside bar. Deciding not to tempt fate, he jumped from the still rolling car and rushed into the bar. Moments later, after ordering a drink, he heard the door open behind him.

"There he is Pete" said the dripping wet man to his friend, "There's the a$$hole that jumped in our car while we were pushing it down here!"
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