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With all of the "I heards" concerning new congressional bills, like the reenactment of the 1994 assault weapons ban, I think we should all get a little more active in knowing what congress is doing.

Go there. You can view active bills in congress, including:
the bill number
the person who introduced
how many cosponsers
when introduced
how long ago

Every bill that is introduced is in there. There are zero (0) gun bills. Most of the current "gun bills" are ammendments to existing criminal laws. Their are one or two anti-gun bills, each have been on the calender since 1/7/03. One of them has one(1) sponser. Those bills repealing gun laws have 5-10 cosponsers......

I think we all need to read these daily. Let's bombard our elected leaders with our input. When we bury them in letters so that they cannot walk in the halls of congress, they will listen. We put them there, they need to remember that without US they cannot return.
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