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A Sad Day For RI - A Hunter Shot To Death

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A long-time local businessman, and long-time friend of my son, who attended HS classes with him, & continued on as a business associate, US Army vet & husband, was accidently (still under investigation) shot to death Wed AM by a fellow deer hunter/party member.

Donald Mallette, 45, passed away in a local hospital from what turned out to be a fatal wound to the stomach.

The four members of the hunting party were hunting together on private land next to a State Game Management Area (Arcadia), and one hunter reportedly said he shot at a deer, but struck Donny. ... in_exeter/

Game Wardens, State Police & a Rescue/Ambulance were summoned via cell phone, and removed Donny to the hospital, where he later passed away.

RI State Police yesterday issued a "statement of medical finding", that the "Accident is listed as a homicide, but no charges have been filed". :shock:

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Please keep us posted on the investigation

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