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Went by the gander in Texarkana today.

They still had a browning a5 light 20 there that I had seen about 6 months ago. It still had the same price on it. I inquired if they could do a little better on it since the receiver was parkerized--poorly to say the least, the stock was dark brown and scuffed and the forearm was light brown and worse, the barrel was blued but not so taken care of. It looked just awful. A shame for such a nice gun originally. They only wanted $849 for it. I saw a jap light 20/full choke which was in really nice shape in Shreveport for $800. I thought about buying it, as I wanted it badly. Looking at prices on gunbroker lately, the $800 isn't that bad, either. I don't have the $800 to spend, though. The gander mt. used gun prices are weird. It's like they don't have access to a used gun value book or the internet gun auction sites at hand. They also had a WM12 with simmons rib, full choke, 12 ga., aftermarket wood, reblued probably by simmons that was in pretty nice shape. They wanted $499 for it.
Strange stuff...
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