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A friend of mine named Jeff was returning home after a very productive day at a gun show in a distant city when he noticed a black Ford LTD riding pretty close in his rear view.
"I wonder what this fool thinks he is doing?" Jeff thought to himself.
Jeff looked down at his speedometer and noticed that he was running right on the legal limit. He wanted to get home in time to watch his favorite show on the television so he pushed it up to around 70 mph. As he did this he noticed that the LTD was staying right with him so as he moved over to the left lane to go around so slower traffic he decided to speed up and see if the other car would follow. Sure enough as he added speed so did the other car.
"I wonder what this guy wants. He can't be up to any good following me so close"
The other car was beginning to bother Jeff so he continued to add pressure to the gas pedal until the speedometer was showing 85 mph.
As he hit 90 mph he noticed that the grill of the LTD had just lit up with blue and red lights.
"Oh man it's the cops and he was just baiting me"
Now Jeff was mad and decided to try and run for it. He pushed it up to 110 and the LTD stayed right on his back bumper. Jeff stuck his foot in it and got up to 125 mph. After about 10 miles Jeff's old car let out a loud bang and started making horrible grinding noises deep in the engine.
"Great, there goes the motor. Now I am going to go to jail!"
As soon as he slowed enough he pulled to the shoulder and stopped, rolled down his window and put his hands on the steering wheel.
The police office eased up on the driver's side with his pistol drawn and said " Please open the door using your right hand on the outside door latch."
Jeff eased the door open while keeping both hands in view.
"Step out of the vehicle slowly with your hands above your head and face away from me"
Jeff did as he was told and then followed all of the officer's instructions until he was laying on his face behind the car with his hands cuffed behind his back.
"Now will you please explain why you decided to speed up and then run from me when you noticed me back there."
"Well officer," Jeff said sheepishly, "About a year ago my wife ran away with a Highway patrol officer and when I saw you back there I thought you were him and you were trying to bring her back!"The officer reached down unlocked the cuffs, got back in his car and drove away.
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