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A5 Stock and Blueing questions.

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The local Gander Mt. has 2 used 'Stalker' A5's. I put stalker in quotes because one I am certain is not a true stalker, and the other is questionable.

#1 serial H 77259 (1954?) - no rib barrel - Belgian - black synthetic stock. The Blueing on this one is duller and more black than my '72 G. The receiver shows some pitting, but not too bad, no heavy wear at all. Price $350 Good deal? opinions?

#2 serial NX151 (1993) - vent rib invector - Japan - black synthetic stock (Ram Line brand). I took the forend off and there was no ring setting sticker. The blueinig on the barrel and receiver are shiny and in good condition, similar to my '72 G. Price $579 good deal?

Is the difference in blueing the rust blueing referred to sometimes? What about the stocks? They both seem to have after market, NON-Browning original stocks. Can a true Browning stock be purchased to get good fit and finish back?
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Gun 1 is a standards twelve from 1955, the synthetic stock (obviously) is not original to the gun.

A wood stock can easily be bought and fitted but will at least double the cost of the gun....probably not a good decision.

If gun 1 is blacker than gun 2 then it in not in it's factory slow rust blue, it has been reblued with caustic blue. The original blue would look more blue/grey and a very soft sheen rather than gloss.

Gun #2 isn't a Stalker if it has a Ram-Line stock and shiny bluing.
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