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A5 Sweet 16 Questions...

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Hello Everyone:

I have started my quest looking for a Sweet 16. I have done a search and read many topics here on SGW, and have a few more questions for anyone that can answer them..

1. Which would be better in your opinion 26" or 28" barrel in Modified choke. I am leaning to the 26 just to keep the weight down, but see quite a few of the 28s out there.

2. I am looking for a hunting gun not a safe queen, so what do you expect I should be paying for a Sweet 16 in good condition. I would like a vent rib barrel if possible.

3. What things should I be looking out for when I find one to purchase. I have read about the safety location, shell size should be 2 3/4 not smaller, no poly choke.. What else can you suggest..

I really appreciate any and all help on this, as I want to pick out a nice 16 that will be with me on all my trips to South Dakota.
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My opions are worth about what you pay for them but here goes....

1) The 28" barrel handles much better than the 26" and only adds 2 oz of weight but it's right where it counts, at the end of the barrel where it smooths out the swing a a very fast handling gun.

2) A vent rib on an A5 adds 4 oz on a 26" barrel (all along the length) The weight does not smooth the swing much because lots of it is behind the lead hand. On tight flushing game thatyou may snap shoot like wild quail the short barrel is fine, but to swing smoothly on a bird like a pheasant get the longer barrel.

3) A vent rib is invisible on a cannot tell the difference between a ribbed barrel and a plain one because the silouette of the rib is the same as the block and bead on a plain barrel.

4) IMO the best years for a shooter are from '52 to '63. This gets you the round knob stock, slow rust blue, varnish not "fullerplast" on the wood and a cross block safety. '46 to '51 are nice too but the safety (in front of the trigger) is not for everyone. happy with one for around $700 in 80% condition with no faults like a pad or Polychoke. It's easy to pay more....a lot more.

Final note, the Japanese guns are nice don't pass up a nice one just to get one with the word Belgium on it.

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My opinion is that the 26" barrel handles the best. But what do I know? I've just been shooting 26" barreled guns for 45 years!

I saw your WTB post on the 16 ga site. I wonder what kind of comments you'll get about looking for that particular date range. I'm sure someone will have something cute to say!

I hope your hunt is sucessful,

I thought I would throw it out and see what happens. I really want to pick one up, and your information was really helpful. I had a A5 Light twelve I inherited from my father that was a great gun, although he did have a poly choke installed, and the barrel was bent from a hunting trip he had went on. My brother now has it and it sits in the gun safe never to see light again.

Thanks again for all the info, and I hope to find a good hunter.

jeez, quit the polychoke flames! i've a std 16, 28", polychoked by,heavens to murgatroid, someone other than browning or fn. this gun shoots better than any other shotgun i own or should i say i shoot it better than any other gun i own. the polychoke is funky and dark side but works flawlessly. i love to shoot sporting clays w/ the convenience of changing barrel constriction at the flick of a wrist. hey, some people don't like the aesthetics but remember, form follows function. i just got a sweet w/26" bbl and the swing is different. both guns feel very different from each other. i don't have enough time behind the sweet to compare it to the std.

Sorry if I offended you but I just dont care for the Cutts and Poly. I'll never criticise another person for liking them, they are convenient and work just fine, they are just not my cup of tea.

But hey I not normal and know it. I have a pretty big pile of shotguns and not one of them even has screw in chokes.

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