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After much reading and debate, I have decided to buy the Remington 870 express. This purchase will be made within one week. One primary reason for posting today, is to get suggestions for accessories for this gun.

The gun will mainly be used for Dove or quail hunting and occasional clay shooting.

My first and Main question is, is there a fiber-optic site that is recommended by everybody. The reason I want a fiber-optic site is that I am left eye dominant ,however I shoot right-handed. My understanding is that if I shoot with both eyes open, the red dot will be very bright in my dominant eye and just a red low intensity glow in my right eye. This way, I will know which dot to reference to while shooting.

The fiber-optic site is the only accessory that I am planning on at this point.

Another accessory that I was considering, is a sling. I do not like the slip on slings however, I do like the ones that are based with threaded swivels. Does anyone know if this gun comes with the threaded swivels, or well I have to buy them separate.

Thanks again
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