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I just purchased up on a bunch of promos from Academy Sports Stores for $2.50 a box. They have performed well both on the Skeet range and the Sporting Clays range. The shells are labeled as Federal "Game and Range", 12ga, 3 1/4 dram, 1 oz. The hull is a very dark red (Maroon) with a silver colored brass and a fiber base wad. The once fired hulls look great with no apparent wear and tear. The plastic is in excellent shape. Because everyone here is buying them and no one is attempting to reload them, the once-fired hulls are readily available.
I have no idea how to relate this hull to any of the published recipes. Does anyone have experience with reloading these hulls? Would they load like the Federal Gold Medal? How many times can you safely reload fiberbase hulls?
Charlie Nash
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