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Added 20ga M2 26" to my family

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Picked up gun today and broke it in with 50 rounds 1425ft/s rounds and 50 Estate sport loads. Gun cycled flawlessly and recoil was VERY light, especially for a gun that is 5lbs 11oz. Members of club who shot it could not believe how light the recoil is for a gun this light. I shot it right out of the box, only removing factory oil out of receiver and barrel. Went to skeet house and smacked 24/25. This gun fits me amazingly well. I bought it for chuckar hunting and pheasant. I cant wait to hit the Deschutes River Canyon with this beast.


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ItalianStalion ~

I have been looking for a light 20ga. for my Dad for target shooting (trap/sc). I was thinking and based on your feedback, the M2 would be a great gun for him.

Thanks for the post.
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