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Adjustable comb question

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I have recently purchased a 391 Teknys. It has the Europeon Walnut stock (or so the previous owner called it that) not the X-tra wood stock. I would like a stock with an adjustable comb but would rather not cut this particular stock, the wood is beautiful. Where can I find an aftermarket adjustable comb stock to fit my Teknys?
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Have you ever heard about the groom on his honeymoon night? His wife was too beautiful to be kissed; so, he didn't do it that night or any subsequent night.

Remember that your shotgun will eventually get scratched and have wear marks on the metallic surfaces, which will only be emphasized when you put that virgin stock back on the gun in preparation of your [eventual] sale. . .Go ahead and cut that stock (if it can be done) to create an adjustable comb. If it is too beautiful to be cut, find an auction site to find a replacement stock. Try asking Joel Etchen (the USA's leading seller of Berettas?) or Cole Gun Works (a leading after market stock maker) if they have a good used or plain Jane stock for sale. Be prepared for sticker shock, especially if you buy both a replacement stock and a replacement forearm. I am not familiar with the Beretta line; however, I think you can obtain a black synthetic stock for the gun.

Larry B.
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You can also check out Greg Hissem at Hissem Stock Works. He does great work and modified the adjustable comb on my Teknys with custom hardware.

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