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Adjusting the LOP on a Plastic Stock?

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I recently purchased a Beretta 1201F with a 26 inch barrel for Pheasant hunting. This gun is very light and I would love to use it, but the lenght of pull is about a 1/4 - 1/2" to long for me. It has a plastic stock and I would like to know if anyone knows of any good gunsmiths that would be able to cut it down for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure where your posting from?

If you can not find any one local I can provide that service for you, only the stock need be sent.

I would like to know if anyone has any good ideas about LENGTHENING the LOP on a synthetic stock (approximately 1/4"). It already has a recoil pad on it (as surely all synthetic stocks do). Often, the recoil pad fits into a recess at the butt so a simple spacer might not work very well. Is there anything on the market, like a spacer that fits into the recessed butt and is itself recessed to accept the pad? Seems like if someone would make these recessed 1/4" spacers out of black plastic to fit standard manufacturers stocks, they could be stacked to get pretty close to correct LOP (within 1/8"). Most adult males need a little more than 14" LOP, which is what most synthetic stocks seem to be.

That's a good question and a situation that I am currently addressing in a synthetic stocked gun that I recently bought. I have ordered (but not received yet) some spacers which I will cut or sand to fit exactly over the end of the stock (with the recoil pad removed, of course). Then, once I have the correct amount of spacers on the stock, I will use a slip-on recoil pad to cover the spacers. By the way, I also plan to adjust the pitch of the stock this same way since the pitch doesn't suit me (the toe is way too short). You can purchase pitch spacers too to adjust the pitch either way. has all the stuff you need.
Thanks Ulysses, I'll take a look at those spacers.
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