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after market chokes

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I purchased a NIB 555 in 16 gauge and the chokes that came with it are "Tin Can" pieces of junk IMO! Anyone know where a man could buy better quality chokes for the 16 gauge 555?
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Isn't it sad when you spend your hard earned cash on a firearm and they give GARBAGE accessories that are suppose to mean something, like shotgun chokes!!! This stuff pisses me off. I'd rather they lower the price and I'll go buy my own stuff, then I'll know exactly what I'm getting, right?

Anyway, I've mixed it up with chokes, trying to find the perfect choke. I've had great luck with Carlson, Kicks and Jellyhead but I also agree, I think you may have a challenge in locating something aftermarket as well? Good Luck though...
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