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Looks like 1938 to me. You can check it by going to http://www.***********/dgsnos5.htm , read the sectional headings, there is an L.C.Smith with the same serial# but it's a hammer gun made in 1909. Your gun should be in the last L.C.Smith ,and Hunter Arms section.

If you'd like a more definate answer , The Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, WY, has factory records available the following L.C. Smith and Hunter Arms Co. shotguns: Hunter Arms Company factory records 1890-1919, (including Fulton and some single barrel guns), shipping records 1918-1946, and L.C. Smith Gun Company 1946-1950 (FWS prefix). Please contact the Cody Firearms Museum directly for historical research on these periods of manufacture

I have a L.C. Smith 12 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun with hammers that was passed down to me in 1980. The serial # is H15257. In the end of the stock is an old hunting lisence from 1926 issued in St. Landry Parish. ( Eunice, Louisiana ) I would love to know what it is worth today and the age of this shotgun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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