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AGI good or over hyped?

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Currently Im taking a Gun Pro course through Penn Foster. I know its not the best and it all book reading no hands on. But its all I could afford and Ive wanted to learn this trade since I first shot shooting about 10 years ago. Luckly I have some great family members who encourage education. And once I finish this course they've talked like they might help me enroll with AGI. As far as I know there is not a hands on school around and I cant travel because I have a newly started family and to many obligations at home. There is a gunsmith at work would said that he'd let me assist him on any projects I want done, but with my limited money I dont know how often this will be. He specializes in making steel bore shotguns. I want to learn to work on doubles and he wont touch them, because they are to costly and he cant afford to replace one if something went wrong. Im on pace with Penn Foster for a average grade of 95% and the higher grade I get I think the more of a chance to get enrolled at AGI. But these course are around 3,000. And the easy payment plan isnt so easy for a guy like me something like 5 payments of 500-600.

Basically what Im asking is AGI worth the investment to a guy with limited local resorcses, time and money? I fully understand that with this path Im looking at I wont be nothing more than a hobby gunsmith for years. Untill I learn enough from hands on trail and errors but thats enough for me. Especially figuring since that shooting and hunting has kept me sober and out of trouble(nothing major just a few PI charges).

Is there another online course that you would suggest if you had to?
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I highly recommend the course. Bob Dunlap is as good of an instructor that is out there. The videos are in a the classroom format and he breaks down every gun and gives any and all info needed to fix them.
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