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agular mini shells

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has anyone here had the opportunity to use agular mini-shells? My local gun store has made mention of them from time to time ,although they have never had any. anytime i have read about them ,the mini shells have been heralded as a low recoil, convinent round. convinent because of their smaller length (hold more of them in your hand) I wonder about their usefulness in pump action shotguns (particularly the mossburg 500 and remmington 870) as i have only read about them being used in breech load shotguns.
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If you go to the Aguila Ammo explain the use of the shell. It lists a few pumps that can handle the shell and they mention modifications to other pump gun so they can use the shell. They also state that autoloaders are out of luck.The following page explains the shells use in a pump gun (with comments on the MOSSBERGS 500/590s and REMINGTONS 870s) Let the dog hunt the birds, ... you hunt the dog.Edited by: GordonSetter at: 11/14/02 9:20:01 am
These mini shells don't work in 500 series mossbergs because of the way the shell is caught in the gun. 870's will cycle them decently, but requires a hard pump to get the shell placed properly and ready to be chambered. I know this cause i tryed the mini slugs in all of the mentioned guns except the 590, which is a beefed up 500 anyway. Win1300's supposedly cycle them perfectly.
Oh yeah, they are weak as hell too. I fired one of the slugs at a small dead pine and it just ripped some of the bark and a bit of firbre off. The normal 2 3/4" slug i generally use, completely decimates a target like that.
These mini shells are pretty cool, if you don't mind giving up some of the power (2 1/2 DRAM & 7/8 oz shot, just like a 20 gauge game load), to gain capacity and quicker 2nd shots. My Win 1200 Defender (holds 14 + 1) cycles them pretty well, though they sometimes need a slight manual assist (finger lift) the shell to get it into the chamber. My Winchester 1300 Ranger (holds 8 + 1) cycles them flawlessly, so far.
Also, They come in OO buck, 7.5 shot, and slugs. And, they can be found for < $11.00 per box (20 rnds).
After modifying the tab on the shell elevator on my Mossberg 500 Cruiser (welding a piece onto the tab to extend it per the Aguila website), feeding reliability improved dramatically, and I can still feed normal shells just fine. You can purchase the mini-shells at pretty cheap if you want to get some to try. (less than $8 a box for the AAA's)

It's a neat little low recoil round for a pistol grip shotgun, but I wouldn't stake my life on it for feeding reliablity in any pump unless you get one of the MAG3 pumps that is designed specifically for the gun (they used to be sold by SOG but I haven't seen them for sale in a while), or you also make ejector and extractor mods to your gun on top of the elevator mod, but that will certainlly make it no longer able to shoot full sized rounds. The little buckshot or birdshot round is good for shooting yard varmits and shooting practice since the occasional jam or fail to extract that you WILL get (based on my experience from using them in Mossberg 500's and Remington 870's) doesn't mean your life is on the line. For home defense, I still depend on 2 3/4" 9 pellet 00 buck loads because they will always reliably feed in my pump guns no matter what.


As a side note, I've never tried them in a Winchester 1300, so the above comments may not appy to that particular model of shotgun.
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Boy, did I learn something here. Show's you the value of the people who view this site and the people how manage it.

Great info.
I have used the Aguila Minishells in my Winchester 1300 Defender. They only cycle correctly if you tilt the shotgun almost straight up in the air when you work the pump. I put about 50 rounds of mixed slugs and shot through it a while back. Got to say that they seem pretty close to full power. Problem is the occasional jam. Its a great idea and I would like to be able to use them in my Defender, I can get 12 of them in, but who wants a jam when you really need to use your shotgun?

Now in all fairness I have to say that I have a shell carrier mounted on the side of the gun and the screw could be causing the workings to be a bit tighter inside the gun. This could be causing the minishells to not make it all the way to the chamber. But I am just guessing.
As with any gun ammo combination, you should put as many rounds thru as possible before you NEED it. Especially, something as odd as these little gems.

I find this is true for my pistols, rifles and shotguns. Believe it or not, my Glock 19 doesn't like to cycle Cor Bon 9mm 115gr. HP ammo. This would have been a tragedy if I had waited for a crisis to figure this one out.
A guy showed up at the trap club with a box of these a few years back, I was somewhat intrigued by them---asked how much they cost and bought half of them, but those cost me what a box of real shells would have cost.

The guy had bought them at a gunshow, seems like over $10 for 20.

I walked out to the 27 yard line and broke 5/5 with them, but the breaks were marginal and they wouldn't even lift the bolt on my tough springed SuperX. Dirtiest shell I ever put thru a gun.

I cut one apart, they had 5/8 oz of shot, a cup like a Fed Promo and some bulky large flaked propellant.

Best thing I know for these, is to set them around on your desk as a conversation piece, and they will certainly bring about alot of conversation. :roll:

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I've shot a few boxes of the 5/8oz number 7's and like them for just messing around but that is about it. Around here you can get them for $5.20 for a box of 20 shells. They won't even unlock the bolt of a Super x-1,Franchi 48/AL, M-1,A-5,1400, or a 755 savage. Someone said that they fed good in a model 97, I'll have to try that .
I know I am resurrecting a long-dead thread, but does anyone have additional input on this? I have a pistol-gripped 1300 that I think would be a lot of fun with the slug load.
I tried a box. They are a curiosity piece... no more, no less. They worked ok, but are too expensive to justify regular use.

I haven't seen them advertised lately... I guess others felt the same way I do.
First time poster here: With their reduced "power" are the 12 ga mini shells safe to shoot out of an older "Damascus barreled" double shotgun? (Belgian laminated barrels by Hanover arms).
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