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ah fox & co double barrel

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i just found my father's fox double barrel. it's engraved "chromox fluid compressed steel" and "31668." can anyone point me in the right direction as to uniqueness and value of this gun? it has doves on one side and long beaked birds on the other. thank you. gary
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At first brush it appears to have been manufactured in 1927

As for value and uniqueness we should really have a lot more info. there should be a grade mark on it, probably on the watertable (inside the break) it should be somewhere between an A and an F possibly with an E as asecond character, the E would indicate that it has ejectors as opposed to extractors.

Add in any additional info that seems pertinent.
thanks. inside the break it repeats the 31668 and is followed by a "c" - the but is reddish in color as says "hawkins." any help? good luck with harvest. thanks, again.
I'm going to step aside on this one and hope one of the guys that are more familiar with Fox drops by, I would think it's a "C" grade which is reasonably valuable but I'm not sure enough.
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