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Merc1 said:
I would appreciate your thoughts on reliability between the two shotguns.

I have an opportunity to get into one of the two with the Beretta costing a bit more than I want to spend but not sure due to hearing that the X2 can be finicky with light loads and in the cold?

I'll be using this to shoot skeet in a variety of conditions.

Comparing a 3-1/2 chambered auto (X2 Magnum) to a 3 in. chambered gun doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense. The 3-1/2 in. X2 mag has capabilities no 3 in. gun has; shooting 1 or 1-1/8 oz. skeet loads is not the reason for a 3-1/2 in. gun.

Comparing a 3 in. SX2 vs. a 3 in. 391, there is no reliability difference on the skeet field of any substance.
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