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Merc1 said:
I would appreciate your thoughts on reliability between the two shotguns.

I have an opportunity to get into one of the two with the Beretta costing a bit more than I want to spend but not sure due to hearing that the X2 can be finicky with light loads and in the cold?

I'll be using this to shoot skeet in a variety of conditions.

I've shot both guns, but don't own either one. The 391 and the SX2 are good guns, but I've personally seen shooters experience jams and breakdowns with both models. The 391 had/may still have issues with bent carriers, but I don't think the SX2 is particularly sensitive to temperature extremes. We live in an imperfect world.

Be aware that the SX2 has been replaced by the SX3. Therefore, you may be able to work a very good deal on a leftover SX2. I've seen new SX2 Ranger models sell for around $550 - which is half of what a new 391 is selling for.

Either way, I'm sure you'll be happy.
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