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Welcome to SGW. Both are very good models but are in different classes with the AL391 being a 3" model and the SX2 a 3 1/2" model. A better comparison would be the AL391 and SX2 3" or the A391 Xtrema vs the SX2 3 1/2".

I like 3" models for all around use and the bigger chamber for waterfowling and turkey.

They are both gas operated. They both can go long periods between cleanings. The SX2 is a lot easier to clean and especialy so the further you tear them down. The AL391 is lighter in weight and has a more stock heavy balance to the SX2's more netural balance. The AL391 is a much thinner gun thru the foerarm. The SX2 has a higher rib than the AL's low rib. The AL391 has an automatic magazine cutoff with a bolt lock lever on the left side of the receiver. The SX2 does not have a cutoff but, can be tricked into having one. Pushing up slightly on the carrier while pulling the bolt back. Blocks the rounds in the magazine and locks the bolt back. The AL391 holds four rounds total to the five for the SX2. The SX2 can take an extension to hold more and the AL391 can't. The AL391 come with shims and the SX2 hase them available. The Safety is a round button at the front of the trigger gaurd for the AL and basck for the SX. They both come in several finishes with the SX having the Dura-Touch option. The AL391 will cycle lighter loads but, the SX3 3 1/2" will cycle a wider range of shells. The SX3 has a larger bore diameter which tends to pattern hard non toxic loads better. The SX2 usually cost less than the AL391.

Cold weater issues have far more to do with the type and amount of lube used than the model.

There is a camo AL391 and a B/S SX2 3 1/2" owned within my group of buddies. The SX will cycle 1oz target loads in any temp and has had only jam in the last seven years or so. The AL has had five or six failures in the last three or four years. Both models have several thousand roundds fired thru them with a little more thru the AL.

shotgunnut wrote:

The only time I have had trouble with it is that when it is very cold and wet (usually snow or freezing rain) with temps in the low 20's, It will sometimes fire but not go back into battery.
This gun has been dunked more times than I can count, but it functions great except as noted above.
I suspect that I need to tear the gun down and replace the tube and spring in the stock with a stainless sure cycle ones, as I'm sure mine has some rust issues after all this time and water.
It's not a gun issue but, rather a user issue. A gummed upped recoil spring in the stock usually starts acting up in colder temps. You should clean the spring and tube at least once a year or after every time the gun gets really wet. SRM's Sure Cycle recoil spring tube and spring are well made and a good choice for some models. I would not use one in the Gold/Silver/SX2/SX3 unless you want to change recoil springs in the stock for light and heavy loads. I'd rather change the rings around on a Long Recoil model before the recoil springs. You may be lucky and just have crud built up in yours so you would not need to replace it. If rusted, I would use factory parts and maintain your gun better. This goes for any model that has a recoil/bolt return spring mounted in the stock.
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