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sjones said:
If there are any left hand shooters of this gun,did you have to change the stock settings any? thanks. sj :lol:
This reply is a little late, so I hope it is of interest nonetheless.

I am a lefty who chose the 391 largely because of its ability to be modified for left-handed use. Since I planned to hunt with the gun a cross bolt safety accessed by the left index finger was a must, and although a little tricky, I reversed the safety myself.

Also, the cast can be adjusted to "cast on", that is, the barrel can be "bent" so that it points a little bit left, which aids in alignment and proper head position in mounting the gun. The shims allow the drop of the stock to be raised and lowered as well, and this procedure is fairly easy. You will need a 13mm socket wrench with an extension to get to the nut that secures the stock. A 3/8 inch drive is sufficient for this purpose.

I have never experienced a problem with the ejection port being on the same side as my face, and loading the gun with the butt on the left hip, holding the grip with the left hand, and loading shells with the right hand, is one of life's little pleasures. :wink:

I shoot with another southpaw who owns a target model 391 (mine is a field model with synthetic stock) and he enjoys his as well.

Good shooting!

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