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AL390...What Size Punch

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do you use to press in the keeper spring so you can take off the magazine cap.......and where did you buy it?

Inquiring minds wanna know. Thanks. :D
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On my 391 I used one of the smallest pin punches from a set I own. I chose one that was a fraction smaller than the sping loaded detent pin. (I guess the largest punch in the set it 5/8 of an inch.) An inexpensive set can be purchased from most real hardware stores, a tool shop or Sears. I have never looked at a 390 so this might not be helpful.
I don't know how a 390 is made - I thought it was like the 391, but someone said it isn't.

On a 391, you don't have to drive that plunger in with a pin punch and a mallet. All it takes is a little push to depress the spring that holds the plunger in place. Do it with anything that happens to be handy. I have used a dentist's pick (those things are available in hardware stores, and darn handy) and the last time I did it, I used one of the tools on my Swiss Army knife. Anything that is not bigger than the plunger. A pin out of your wife's sewing box, a safety pin from the baby's diaper, whatever!

This ain't brain surgery.

Maybe the spring on the 390 is stronger than the one on the 391 - I dunno.
You make a good point that a pin punch is not needed. I expect a ball point pen would do the job. I use punches because I keep of few in my cleaning kit and using a hammer on the little spring loaded pin might be an overreaction. I find them useful in pushing out the trigger retaining pin, clearing carbon out the holes in the gas system, holding the recoil spring in place and so on. Other tools or bits of wire would work as well. A well knurled pin punch is a joy to hold.

Some people think I am easy to please.
If you are talking about how hard this pin is to press in I know what your talking about. My 391 is easy to press in with any small punch or pin. I purchased 2 older 390's and removed the mag. cap on one but pin was tight, the other I tried but stoped in fear of damaging the mag. tube. The pin spring in a 391 is built on the inside of the cap. The 390's that I got have a pin spring that resembles a heavy duty close pin that hangs down inside the mag. tube about an inch. If you have a vise, put the gun in with pin facing up (be sure to put something soft under the mag. tube portion) spray the pin area down real good with CLP or something simular to help break up any seizing. Take a small punch or pin (smaller than the pin on the mag. cap) and GENTLY tap the pin in. If your removing this cap alot for cleaning or other reasons, maybe a 391 cap will fit the 390 and you can purchase one from Coles or Angleport. Seamus may know if you can interchange these parts I'm not sure.
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I use the small "Jewelers" screwdriver set I have for my eyeglasses :wink:
primeduck said:
do you use to press in the keeper spring so you can take off the magazine cap.......and where did you buy it?

Inquiring minds wanna know. Thanks. :D
The 390 has a lot of spring pressure on the pin. Use a finishing nail with the point filed off, etc.. You really don't need anything fancy; just something stout enough to do the job and large enough to get a grip on.

Good shooting,
The problem with the 390 pin is the pressure needed to push it out of its hole and turn the cap a wee bit to trap the pin. Then you can have a cup of tea and continue later. A simple tool to make the job simple is to form a sort of tongs to do the job with one hand. A stainless steel welding rod bent to a vee, one end half round to go under the mag tube and the other end ground to a pin and pressing on the pin. Bent 90deg to look at the hole of course. Hope I painted a clear enough picture.
I called Beretta & talked to one of the gunsmiths. He said they use a 1/16th" punch.
Well, it's obvious that I don't know much (anything?) about a 390. I'm a 391 user myself. But I keep seeing questions about 390's and 303's, etc. I think I might seek out a few people who have experience with those models, and borrow a couple of guns for comparison with my 391's, and see if I can't add a chapter to the 391 Disassembly book.

I learned my first lesson on 390's from you guys on this thread.

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