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Alcione T Value ? ***GUN IS SOLD***

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Hey Franchi guys and gals....

I have an Alcione T that I bought new 2 years ago as a 20 GA. gun. Shortly after, I bought a set of 12 GA barrels for it, but they are not original to the gun. Both barrel sets are 28" and each barrel has 4 choke tubes.

I have hunted some with the gun over the last 2 years...around 75-80 rounds of 12 GA and 250-300 rounds of 20 GA. There are no blemishes in the wood and only VERY slight finish wear on the metal strap behind the trigger guard (which I was a little diappointed to see as little as I used this gun).

I have recently acquired a Geurini and do not think I will be using the "T" very much. I was considering posting it for sale, but I honestly can't remember what I paid for the gun and the extra barrels together. I am thinking it was in the $1300-$1350 range for everything.

I have had trouble finding any "for sale" listings for these and noticed that they are no longer part of Franchi's catalog.

What would I need to list the gun and extra barrels at to be fair to myself and the purchaser? It has a hard plastic case that will hold one set of barrels, 8 chokes (4 for each bore size), choke wrench, and the bore snake that came with it.

I would like to make room in the safe for another auto or 2 and would like to sell this one to do it, but don't want to look like an idiot when I post it for sale.

I was thinking about posting it at $1200, but still am not sure if I would be high, low, or spot on.

Any help would be appreciated and I know there are no pics, but the gun is as described. The only problem is the finish wear behind the trigger guard and many would not catch that the first time over.

Thanks to all who might post some feedback.
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I am not an expert in prices by any means, but I think at $1200 you would be pricing the gun pretty reasonably. Check and and see what the T is selling for there. I looked at one a couple years ago, and seems like a new one could be had back then with one set of barrels for somewhere around $1100 or less. But the extra set of barrels were pretty expensive, I'm thinking in the $350-$400 range. I'm looking at an O/U, but not that expensive, but if I still had my setter, and the dough to buy it, I would consider it at $1200. It would make someone a good all around bird hunting gun, or a bird/duck gun combination. The T is really a nice looking gun, and feels really good. I liked it better than the Veloce, really, and I thought it was a really nice looking gun. Have a Merry Christmas.
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Thanks for the input. That is right where I thought I would list it. When I post it, I will make sure that I describe the blemish and add some close-up detail pics of all aspects of the gun.

Anyway, thanks again and have a great Christmas.
wmfowler, Do you still have the gun and are you wanting to sell it?

That is the model I am looking for.
BrianO...I sent you a PM regarding this. Please provide your email address and i will send you pics.
Where did you buy your X-tra set of barrells? thanks JD
Found the Extra set of barrels in a gun shop in Huntsville, AL. The original customer refused to buy them because he said they did not fit his Alcione field he had ordered them for. After a heated argument, the guy left with the store manager trying to stop him.

I just happened to be there and told him to price me the barrels. He did and after making sure they fit properly (which they did...I guess the other guy didn't know what he was doing) I paid him and walked out with them.
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