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So I have noticed that Scammers are trying a newer ploy to try to get your money and it works like this:

"Hi, my name is Blah Blah and my friend Joe Scammer at Email address [email protected] has what you are looking for( No matter how obscure a request you have). Get in touch with him, (They may also furnish a phone#)"

Click on the REPORT button down in the right corner of the message or copy the message and send it to me here at SGW be sure to furnish the username of the crook. Do not call this person or email this address or you might find yourself inundated with scammers!!
You can post in this thread and I will be notified. Please limit your posting here to actual reports so my mailbox doesn't get slammed so badly that I have to turn off the notifications. I will be putting this sticky in several sections.

If you don't tell me the EXACT username of the scammer, you will handicap my actions severely.

Listing your personal phone number or Email address in any For Sale or WTB listing will be a giving potential scammers a direct way to contact you. This has already happened to users here. has no good way to prevent this from happening and we do not give anyone access to your personal info. We do not have the staffing to monitor all listings to help protect users from making these mistakes.
If you make this mistake and contact us about it, we will have to remind you of this posting that warned you about this.
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