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All brass 410 shotshells

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Have over 100 solid drawn brass empty unprimed 410 shotshells.Shells packed 10 shells to a box 5 boxes to a sleeve.
Information on box says When priming these brass cases use only Alcan G 57 F primers. My question is can the primer hole be drilled out to accept a 209 primer.I understand ALCAN COMPANY went out of business many years ago.
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Bob......The Alcan and the Remington 57 are the same size. There are some available at times on EBAY, but they are old. The primer hole can be drilled out to take the 209 primer, but I can't remember the drill size. If you do drill them out, be sure to make the flange in the shell so the 209 can fit flush.
Best Regards, James
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