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am i ready for a dog part 2

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Well with all the encouragement i got from you guys i finaly made the decision to get my pup. He is 8 months old, has 25 + field champs on his pedegree and is one damn cute dog! ( ok so i used cute). I will be bringing him home next week, i am now just getting the back yard ready. I am making a kennel, and such. I want to thank everybody who gave me great advice on my other post ( am i ready for a dog). Thank you very much!

funny note: I was talking to my wife about getting the dog, and i was showing her pics and comming up with names.. I chose the name hunter.... the next day as i talked to the breeder i asked the dogs name.. he said JAEGER, which is hunter in german!

Jaeger is a GSP, 8 months old. he has been started on his training. he points real well, kennels on command, and is very alert! when i and the breeder were discusing him, he just kept pointing and pointing at the birds that flew on the ground! so damn cute!

the books the breeder recomended were " best way to train your hunting dog" and suggested i get a pinch collar and such.
now i am going to need help training him correctly!
so any help/advice would be again apreciated.
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Butcher Boy:

- If you get upset, walk away on a good note. Do a simple command, let him do it correctly, praise him and come back when you are calmer.

- Use an eCollar, I wasn't to hip on them till I saw what my guys trainer does. They are far better than a pinch collar, you have more control at greater distances and your guy thinks you can reach out to correct him at ALL times.

- Avoid saying a command more than once. Say it clearly and in a normal tone and I guarantee you the dog hears it. He gets one chance and then is corrected.

- Try to let them be a part of the family, not living outside in a kennel all the time. Far better to let them in the house and sleep in a portable kennel in your bedroom. Not on the bed, its a dominance issue.

- You go through a door first, not the dog. If he breaks and goes through, bring him back. Put him in a sit and you go through first.

- Finally, its all about being calm and repetition, repetition, repetition...

- also Wolters book aint a bible, its got some good stuff and some not so good. I am a firm believer in adapting it to your situation and using professional help...

FYI: JLPTexasHunter has used the book on his dog Copper and he turned out well, my Llewellin did okay with it, but needed more than I had to give...

Best of luck
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