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am i ready for a dog part 2

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Well with all the encouragement i got from you guys i finaly made the decision to get my pup. He is 8 months old, has 25 + field champs on his pedegree and is one damn cute dog! ( ok so i used cute). I will be bringing him home next week, i am now just getting the back yard ready. I am making a kennel, and such. I want to thank everybody who gave me great advice on my other post ( am i ready for a dog). Thank you very much!

funny note: I was talking to my wife about getting the dog, and i was showing her pics and comming up with names.. I chose the name hunter.... the next day as i talked to the breeder i asked the dogs name.. he said JAEGER, which is hunter in german!

Jaeger is a GSP, 8 months old. he has been started on his training. he points real well, kennels on command, and is very alert! when i and the breeder were discusing him, he just kept pointing and pointing at the birds that flew on the ground! so damn cute!

the books the breeder recomended were " best way to train your hunting dog" and suggested i get a pinch collar and such.
now i am going to need help training him correctly!
so any help/advice would be again apreciated.
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I would bring him in the house for his first night, but then again my dog has his own side of the bed. But at least for his first night have him in a kennel next to your bed to help strengthen the bond.
You guys know my feeling about Wolters. The books are great for early work and reference's but consult a pro-trainer for finishing work. And always rember we need the training, not the dogs! :wink: :D
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