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am i the only one

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when i go to shoot clays with friends they look at my gun and say what in the world do you have a turkey choke in your gun?? i sa just watch, that seem to be the only choke i can bust them up with!! and hit them at a good distance!! i tried the modified and improved cylinder but they only break a little!
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What ever lights your fire! You want a tight choke and "POOF" em. Good for you!

I shot a little skeet this weekend and a couple of us were shooting .410s and OOOHing and AAAAHing some of our breaks! Just getting a big enough hunk off the rock to see it counts an X! Like the old timer shooting with us said. 100 chips beats 99 smokeballs any day!! Whatever it takes for YOU to break the rock is all that's important!


Yup!! You been had!!

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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