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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 we will be having our August NSCA shoot.

100 Targets AM / 100 Targets PM - All 200 targets are NSCA registered.

AM shoot starts 8AM and no later than 9:30AM. Lunch at 11AM. PM shoot starts 11:30AM and no later than 1PM.

We are using a special BTC where all BTC monies will be divided equally between the 7 classes (Master - E). This provides an equal distribution for each class regardless of number of shooters in class. It will still pay 60%/40% to 1st and 2nd places respectively. (If there is only 1 in class, all the money share for the class is theirs. Can you say, "incentive?")

The afternoon shoot is for awards only.

Cost is $115 for both. ($75 for the AM/$40 for the PM) $10 BTC AM only.

Yes, we will have the Average Shooter Award for the AM shoot.

Yes, we will have flash targets, BUT since we didn't get the Red, White & Blue for July, we are improvising and doing Red and Yellow special targets for this month. Yep, $5/each hit during the tournament.

Please RSVP for Lunch.

For the flyer:
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