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what is the value of a american arms boston 12 gauage double barrel. breaks open from the side. hammers 3 gh fox patent dates stamped it from the early 1800's. between 1800-1820. there are no serial or model #'s on it. the gun is in great shape.
every place we took it too, nobody could give us the value.

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If I am reading your description correctly, the gun is an American Arms Company Fox Model Side Swing Double. It was made in 10 or 12 gauge with 26,8, 30 or 32 inch Twist or Damascus barrels. It was made from 1870 to 1884. There were eleven grades of this gun. They were:
1. Twist barrels, straight grip, plain (non-rebounding ) locks, plain finish,12 gauge.
2. Same as No. i except 10 gauge.
3. Extra fine twist or laminated barrels. Otherwise same as No. 1.
4. Same as No.3 except 10 gauge.
5. Damascus barrels. Otherwise sane as No. 1.
6. Same as No. 5 except 10 gauge.
7. Superior Damascus barrels with or without rebounding locks with or without pistol grip, polished or not, engraved, 10 or 12 gauge.
8. Fine Damascus or Bernard Steel barrels. Otherwise same as No. 7
9. Extra fine Damascus or Bernard steel barrels, fine checkering and engraving, fine locks with or without skeleton butt plate.
Otherwise same as No.8
10. Finest Damascus barrels, elegant engraving, skeleton butt plate,
rebounding locks, finest finish. Otherwise same as No. 9
11. Finest Damascus barrels, gold mountings, English leather case
with all implements. Otherwise same as No. 10.
There is a large list of options that could be obtained on any Fox model.
Sorry but I can't give you an evaluation on the value of the gun. You need to take it to an appraiser for that. Look in the phone book for appraisers or gun dealers however don't go to a flea market appraiser.
A little bit of trivia. The last owner of American Arms Company died in December 2008. He was Joseph T. Vorisek, a well known shotgun historical writer. He bought the assets of the company from the state of Alabama for back taxes just to get the records.
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