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Forgive me if I use incorrect terms, I am new to guns.

What I am trying to identify is a Double barrel shotgun that folds open. It has two hammers. On the left hand side of the gun is printed "American Gun Co.", "352382", and what might be "OR" maybe a third letter after the R, but the stamping wasn't done too well.

I've read a lot trying to figure out information on this gun, but most of it seems pretty unclear.

What I would like to know are a couple things.
1: Manufacturer
2: Model
3: Is there a specific way to describe this gun when talking about it?
4: Any way to get technical specs on the weapon or its ammunition?
5: Any way to use the serial number to get more detailed information?
6: Year or range of manufacture.

Just about any information like that. It's for my father-in-law. I don't want to be like, "It's a shotgun." So any information you guys could provide or help me to obtain on my own would be hugely appreciated.

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