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American Hunter Magazine Article

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For all you new guys, and old guys, there is a great article in American Hunter Magazine December 2003 issue, page 44 titled
"Magnum Shotshells Reconsidered" by John M. Taylor.

Very good information regarding Magnum shotshells and whether they are really needed or not.

Here is an excerpt:

"When working up the Federal/Hastings Metro System it was determined that it took a downrange velocity of 600 fps to ensure lethality on Canada Geese. Started with a muzzle velocity of 850 fps, at 55 yards a Federal BB tungsten/iron pellet is going 612 fps, and at 35 yards the BBs are traveling at 724 fps"

Very interesting reading and I may have to go out and buy me some slower loads next time I go goose hunting. Save my shoulder some wear and tear. The load he's talking about there had a recoil of 10.4 ft-lbs. That is absolutely NOTHING. A 3.5" 1 9/16oz Steel BB load at 1300fps has almost double that will less lethality.

Great reading and it may save your shoulder and your wallet in the long run.
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