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ammo carriers

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i've seen the kydex type of shell carriers (2 shells), but i've never used them. have any of you guys? where can you get them?another type i'm looking for is nylon (?) and holds 12 shells, but you just drop it in a mag pouch.
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Personally, I would stick with the Tac-Star Style if possible. You want to be able to find the shells and the mag tube in total darkness. "If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective"--Ted Nugent
:w i've got a side saddle, and an eagle stock pack both on my 870. it's set up pretty much like the usmc MkI s, except its got night sights and a speed feed stock. (read 7 in mag, 6 on side, 4 in stock, 6 on stock - ran out once, it was a bad feeling).
Osage,Put one shell behind each ear and you'll have a full box of shells on you! :b Sorry to hear about the time you ran out but glad you are here to help the rest of us understand the need for additional shells in a tactical situation. Casual ShooterOne gun does it all when one gun is all you have!
hey, i have a suggestion, try jsut a regular nylon ammo belt, costs about 5-10 bucks, not much more, holds 25, you can wear it around your waist, or you can wear it as a bandolier, or you can just sling it over your shoulder, its a very good investment, i have a nylon shell holder on my 1100 and i can pull 5 off of my belt and put them in quicker than i can pull 2 out of the stock shell carrier, go with the ammo belt, its good for any gauge, you can by em at academy or wal mart or bass pro. and another thing, the ammo belt is better just because it wont slide around, the carrier thats hooked up to my 1100 always slides down to the grip after a couple of rounds of 4 shot pass through, which heck, it does that with 7 1/2 shot
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