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Any information that anyone can provide on the following gun would be appreciated.

NAME: ANGELO ZOLI GARDONIE V.T.(manufacturer I think)
12 ***** S#867xx
some minor engravings
Made in Italy bought in Greece in 1985 for $150.00
This gun is an side-by-side in outstanding shape and very tight. I have put about 5000 rounds through it with no problems. The wood is very plain but nicely finished. I really do not care if its worth much or not, it has provided me with good service and I am pleased with it. I would just like to know what all the data on the model means.
Thanks ahead of time
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Angelo Zoli went out of business in December, 1987 and was taken over by the Italian Bank of Brescia in 1989. Many people tend to confuse the shotguns of Angelo and Antonio Zoli (it is hard to determine which manufacturer made a gun marked "A. Zoli"). There is no correlation between these trademarks and Antonio Zoli DOES NOT have parts for these earlier Angelo Zoli long arms. Even though both trademarks may indicate "A. ZOLI" for a barrel address, they are mostly discernable by the model listings

I'm betting that model was stamped for release in Europe , I can find nothing like it anywhere.
What you could do is keep checking the auction sites, you might find the Americanized version of it....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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