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:?: I have a B.C. Miroku 20Ga O/U with 26" Barrels... It is all "blue", is hand engraved & checkered. Has a gold Trigger.This gun has an "excellent grade" wood stock! The Pistol grip is not "rounded", but flat & has a black plastic cover plate with a white spacer. The But Plate is also black plastic & has "B.C. Miroku" embosed on it. By sliding the "Safety" from side to side you can select which barrel will fire 1st. It also has selective Ejectors.
On one side of the upper barrel is: "Anschutz-Miroku" 20GA-3".
On the other side: "Miroku Firearms MFG. CO., KOCHI JAPAN".
On the left side of each Barrel, as seen, when the action is open, is stamped "SS". I have been told, the "SS" stands for "skeet" Choke... if so, then this gun was strictly made for Skeet shooting??? The gun has a Vent. Rib. Note: the Serial number is: 524182.
I read all the info I could find on this Forum... & it helped but IF I could get more info, I would be most appreciative!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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