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I am interested in buying an AH Fox shotgun; either a 20ga sterlingworth or a 12 or 16 A grade. How would you rate these shotguns in comparison to the old lc's, winchesters, and remington sxs.


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when compared to a

LC- fox is stronger with better design and does not crack the stock as often....

Winchester 21- the fox is much cheaper and in most cases lighter.. and looks better
Winchester 24- no comparison at all

Remington 94/1900 [not available in 20g]- easier to find nice foxes. foxes are for the most part better ballanced but the remingtons are nice guns if you can find a clean unmessed with fluid steel barreled gun....

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I used my Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga (built in 1923)for everything
from Skeet to all types of bird hunting. I even shot my 1st buck with it when I lived in Illinois. I've owned this gun since the 60's and have put untold thousands of rounds thru it without any problems whatsoever. I've also shot/owned LC Smiths & Parkers over the years and,in my opinion, the Fox is the best double ever built here. The original finish shows its age but the gun still locks up like the proverbial bank vault.
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