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Antonio Zoli over/under

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My ex gave me a brand new Zoli for Christmas back in the 60's.
I have only fired two boxes of shells thru it and it has resided in a gun case in my closet ever since. Just looked at it and it still looks brand new to me, no rust anywhere, It is the Silver Snipe model and I was wondering what that thing is worth
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I've owned a couple of them and they were pretty dang nice guns. Both of mine had 2 triggers and extractors which I really like. They seem to sell in the $450 to $550 range and I think they are a great value at that price. BTW I had a firing pin break on one of mine and Coles sent me a new one for about $20 and I had it in less than a week. So parts are available.

Heres' the one I had with the color cased receiver. IIIRC it was the Grey eagle model.


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This one is a 12 ga. chambered for 3 inch Magnum. It has some nice engraving all around the metal parts of the part attached to the stock.
Bill K, be careful about your identification of the gun. Angelo Zoli also made an O/U named "Silver Snipe". In fact, the Blue Book does not even list the Antonio Zoli Silver Snipe, although they do list a Golden Snipe by Antonio and a Silver Snipe by Angelo. I don't doubt that Antonio did make a Silver, but you need to make sure yours is an Antonio rather than an Angelo.

Both companies marked their guns "A. Zoli". If you don't see the first name actually spelled out, look for Antonio's bow-and-arrow trade mark.
That's great advice posted by Seamus. I think both of my Antonio Zoli's had "Delfino" marked on them and they definitely had the Bow and Arrow trade mark on the bottom of the receiver and the Buttplate.

I think "Angelo" was a drunk cousin or something and obviously tried to ride the good name of Antonio by using very similar model names and the "A Zoli" stamp. You might find an Angelo Zoli gun that makes a good shooter, but be advised that it's value is much less than the Antonio Zoli guns. I'd say by at least 50%.

I think the new production Antonio Zoli guns start at about 2 Grand which does nothing but help the value of their older field grade guns.

This is definatly an Antonio Zoli Silver Snipe. It was bought new in Long Island NY back in the mid to late 60's, do not quite remember when.
When I first got it we took it out, fired a box thru it at hand thrown clays, I recently threw away the rusted up hand launcher
The next box was at a trap range in Miami in the early seventies, knocked down most of them, the gun pointed well.
It has been in a closet ever since. I was hoping to sell it or trade it for a nice running 15-20 hp short shaft outboard
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