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Any Ducks?

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Has anyone been seeing any duck down in southeast alabama yet?
We have only been seeing woodducks and canada geese. :AU
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I am in southern middle Tennessee and mostly all I have seen is woodies and geese also. With the exception of about 6 gadwalls, I think nothing has made it's way down yet.
I know it is not Alabama, but I saw Black Ducks in SC last weekend. Have not seen them in that area for many years. I also saw alot more woodies last weekend than this time last year. So maybe the ducks are starting to head down.

I was wondering if there were any folks from Dothan on here. I live in Pinckard. I have been seeing a few ducks when driving on the road. Mostly wood ducks. Some of the beaver ponds around here will be full of them by Christmas. Most show up between now and the end of Jan.

As far as I know just you and me but I may be wrong. Shoot me a pm with your email I would like to ask you something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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