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More rounds or less rounds....... it comes down to what is practical. What looks cool and macho can be a hinderance when you actually have to defend yourself this includes a lot of the stuff that they sell as aftermarket add ons. True tactical gear has a place in the hands of professionals as they are trained in its use. For a novice the added extra weight and the awkward balance that a full mag extension has will be an issue in close quarters. Also, too many get caught up in a fire fight type expectation and this just isn't the case in most home defense situations.

I have an 8 round extension for my Benelli, the gun holds four on its own and then the mag extension holds an additional four, for a total of 8 rounds. I use this during the spring snow goose season and that's it, I wouldn't want it on the gun for home defense.

In home defense, the K.I.S.S. mentality needs to stay in the forefront. It is a situation that you hope never occurs but your defense needs to be something quick, simple, and effective.
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