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BBStacker said:
Most Semi auto's and Pumps will hold 6 with the plug removed. Most states will only allow you to have 3 in the gun and the gun must be plugged. With that in mind, why would you need 10? Moving targets are not going to stand there and let you miss 10 times. A bird sure ain't going to pause in mid flight and hover like a humming bird to let you shoot that many shots.
I don't think you understand the concept of magazine extensions. It's not a matter of missing the same animal 9 times and still having one shot left, it's a matter of hitting it on the first or second shot and still having 8 or 9 rounds left in the gun. The extra ammo isn't used on the same dove or goose. It's used on the dove coming from the south and the three from the west that your buddy just missed because was busy reloading.

The concept of having a magazine extension is not having to reload as often.

Also, what semi's and what pumps can hold 6 in the magazine?
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