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This is also posted on the General Forum

I mentioned in another post that I bought a Remington 1187 Supermag last year. I shoot Buckshot so I intend to use this mostly for deer.

My problem is that with the Magazine Plug installed I can only fit one (1) 3-1/2" shell in the magazine. I can get two 2-3/4" shells in the magazine with no problem. I haven't tried 3" shells, I don't know why.

Did anyone else have this problem?

Another poster here, Errollhunter, was kind enough to send me messages and offer advice.

I re-installed the plug 2 or 3 times to make sure it was done right and the results were always the same. I need to clear another 1/2" to 3/4" to get the second 3-1/2" shell in the mag.

The last time I looked at the plug it had "1100" stamped on it. Could Remington have shipped the wrong plug with the gun?

Remington was contact via their web site. I'm waiting to hear from them.

Any advice?
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