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Anyone take a fall turkey yet?

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If weather behaves, Tuesday I will be going out to try and bag mine. My neighbor right acrossed the road offered me free roam of his wooded lands next to fields, so I am hoping to catch some birds passing thru. Dunno yet if I will take a Tom or a hen.
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Not yet open in CA :cry: but it does open soon 8)
yeppers 2 toms shot both of them in front of my house .been open in ny 4 a few weeks the first one was a 18 pound bird with a 7 in beard the other was 22 pound witha 8 1/2 in beard.
good luck 4 the rest of u turkey hunters .
Heard a couple clucking softly in the distance but we couldn't get them to come anywhere near us. I will have to try again next weekend. This is my first year hunting turkey and I would really like to get one, if not I will just be that much more ready for the spring season next year.
I've been out twice so far. The first time I didn't hear or see anything. The second time they busted me and I heard "puck..puck.. puck" circling around me.
i got a 6 pounder first sat in MO season. ******
That's a chicken not a turkey :wink:
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