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Arizaga shotgun

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I have a Arizaga 20 gauge double barrel,with an alligator gun case and sling,this gun was aquired in 1950, am interested in selling,can anyone help me with getting a value for this gun.
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Papa-Arizaga shotguns were made by at least four different manufacturers in, I would assume, many different grades. If I were you, I'd remove the barrels from the action and rub the proof marks on the water table and barrel flats with white chalk to make them more legible. Using the charts on ,you should be able to identify your gun. Until you know what you have it's about impossible to establish a value. FWIW, I have an Eusebio Arizaga 10ga. that's quite a gun but nothing special compared to those used by Jack O'Conner and Charles Askins. Not much interest in Spanish from the 40's and 50's but if a true Spanish best it could be a real fine gun. Good luck with your search.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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