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Auto 5 Value

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I have the following Auto 5 in my collection that I am trying to get a market value established for insurance purposes. Any help would be great

1- 12 Gauge Magnum, Like new condition 32" ribbed barrel

2-Ducks unlimited Edition 1991 NIB

3-Sweet Sixteen Like new condition ,looks to be unfired

4-Light 12 NIB Complete with Invector chokes 28" barrel

5-Light 12 complete with chokes 26" Barrel in as new condition but has been fired

6-12 Gauge NIB plain 28" barrel and was born in 1967

7-12 Gauge light 28" Ribbed barrel,in excellent condition,Has been fired but looks as new.

Any help would be appreciated
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I'd suggest going to, and and doing a little work on behalf of your A-5 collection. There a plenty of NIB guns listed to use as a reference.
The challenge I find with auction sites is the reserve or "buy it now" prices are very inflated in relation to what the guns could be purchased for outside of the auction sites. I am hoping for some info on what the guns market value would be
An insurance agent wont take our advice into consideration.

You can search in Gunbroker for actual sales that have closed.

Print them out and you will have tangible evidence of value to share with your agent now and if you ever have a claim. In addition if you have bills of sale, keep them safely tucked away.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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