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The last time I used a pump regularly for waterfowl was back in the mid 1980s when I tested a Mossberg 835 before they came out and one of the first Rem 870 Super Mags that hit the market. Since then I've used either a semi-auto or O/U for all my waterfowling. A pump can be a bit more finicky but if kept clean and if care is taken to keep mud, weeds, chaff, etc out of it, it can be as reliable as a pump.
As for the models you mention, my opinions are thus:
I do not care for the Rem 11-87 Super Mag, I personally know of too many having problems with theirs, mainly feeding and ejecting problems. I have not used one while hunting myself but did try one at a range day. I did not like the handling ability but that is a very subjective opinion. Three other people would have at least four different opinions.
The Beretta Xtrema is the one I would prefer as I am familiar with the action and have a good network for parts if ever necessary. Beretta also has a good reputaion for reliable guns and it is borne out by the experiences of three friends with them. I also like the way it handles and it seems to be heavy enough to soak up recoil but light enough for easy handling.
The Benelli is the favorite of a couple friends and is one that all other waterfowl pieces are now compared to. I am not a fan of them as the ones I've used were way too short and needed more work to make fit than I wished to do on a $1000+ gun. Cost is another factor, I don't think it is worth the $300+ dollars extra over the Xtrema and others in this price range. I also prefer the gas operated guns as the Benelli's recoil operated action does little to reduce recoil. Most of all I don't care for the light weight of the SBE as it makes it unpleasant to shoot for extended periods of time. If one is looking for a single dual purpose waterfowl/upland gun the SBE would be a serious contender.
I do not feel the 3 1/2" shell is really needed for waterfowling, I use a 1 1/4 oz steel load in the 3" shell for the vast majority of my goose hunting and do not feel handicapped in the least. This is for birds as close as 10 yards on out to 60. Practice and patterning work is what matters at long range, more so than amount of shot.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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