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I had the same opinion of semis but finally put my 870wingmaster in the gun safe for the first season in 25 years. Semis are addictive and its hard to go back to a pump . Regarding cold weather semis are no problem as long as they are clean.I have hunted without a flaw down to -23 degrees celcius just 2 weeks ago.Lots to choose from but after you look at all the pretty guns check out the Baikal MP-153 (spartan 453). Russian built ,not as pretty as the others but beautiful balance and fit for me and a tonne of features(check out the "I love Baikal" forum at this site. there is a relatively new post on all its features). I was heading towards the Benelli SBII a very nice gun but luckily found this MP153,"the other B gun". It is an under priced overacheiving shotgun.Regarding cold weather I use to bring my pump as a backup expecting the worst from a semi but not any more. Good luck. All the best!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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